Welcome to The Drawing 20s Art Gallery

We are proud to represent various high quality artists exhibiting various styles. Our collections showing here are exclusive to our gallery and we only offer original pieces, unlike most other galleries who deal in limited-edition prints and additional merchandise. We do not claim to be a retail outlet that follows the trends of others, we are but six creative beings who want to show you all what we do in the hope you approve.

Our six featured artists, Charlie Murray, Richard Digance, Tracey Hollis, Stephen Lang, Gina Jones and Elodie Treat have joined forces in a unique online style, forming a gallery co-operative in the same way The Impressionists created a union to expose their artworks so many years ago. 

Our artists offer various styles and methods of production in a way that reveals the diversity of art in its different forms. 

All of our artists are available for meet and greet events at our home gallery in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

If you would like more details of our collections, the artists who created them, or upcoming meet and greet dates, please join our mailing list below. If you wish to contact the gallery for any further information or to give feedback on our exhibition please email thedrawing20s@btinternet.com

Why The Drawing 20s? Why not? The Gallery opened its doors in 2020, the 20s, when others were forced to close for the obvious reason. Whilst others awaited the green light our combined artists created works to bring the dream of The Drawing 20s to life.

We will always welcome guest artists but it is only right that you view the work of the six who made it all possible, plus the mother of one of our artists who died in 1985, leaving a remarkable, previously unseen portfolio of watercolour paintings.

Please enjoy your visit to our gallery and don't forget to join our mailing list.

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